How to reseason cast iron

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I had used my dutch oven (DO) for a few months before deciding I wanted to completely reseason the cast iron(CI). Since I gained some experience using, seasoning, and cleaning my CI after awhile. I felt I could provide a better starting foundation for my seasoning. I had some bad spots on the DO from my initial seasoning I wanted to fix. The great thing about CI, aside from it lasting generations, is that you can strip it and reseason it to make it new again. There are a couple ways to reseason your CI, but the following is the easiest and straight forward method with tools that the majority of people have on hand.


Ryan’s Bucket List

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For the longest time I have been keeping a bucket list of things I would like to do during my lifetime. I used to keep the items I wanted to do as a mental list in my head, but the past couple years I started to write them down. When Schemer was still a working application I would use it to document and keep track of my bucket list items. Recently the service was shutdown by google so I had to export all of my data in order to save it. I had nowhere to keep my list anymore, and while I am sure there are other services out there to use. I have decided to write them down here, and maybe it will inspire ideas for others on their lists.


Conned on Kickstarter (Update)

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Kickstarter is an exciting website that enables people to crowd fund big and small projects. Projects are posted by creators that range from films, games, music, art, design and technology. It is a great way to invest in a product or an idea and help bring the project to life.

I have been a member of the site since June 2013, and since then (as of this writing) I have backed 12 projects. Each one has come to life and fulfilled their original concept into a working product that has been shipped to thousands of backers all over the world. Every product that I have received has so far delivered on their promises except for one.


Verizon LG G2 Review

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I purchased the LG G2 on its release day for the Verizon network, and I have owned it a little over a week now. I upgraded from the Galaxy Nexus that I had also purchased on the Verizon network on its release day about 2 years ago. So far I am really enjoying the G2. There are definitely some oddities that I do not approve of, but the pros of the device far out weigh those cons. I am not going to present you with a bunch of benchmark graphs as there are already numerous articles out there covering the technical numbers. This Verizon LG G2 Review is based off of my personal experience with the phone, and geared towards what I feel is most important in modern smart phones.


Badassity Quote

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When I hear about someone who is doing something better than me, even if the details of their choices or genetic abilities differ slightly from my own strategy. I bow the fuck down, respect their innovation, and acknowledge that I have so far failed to achieve their level of badassity. Then I secretly try to learn from their success.
Unknown Author

Locate, Peel, Pull, Arch

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I will let you in on a little secret. Speaking from experience, your life does not flash before your eyes when in a life or death situation.

As a skydiver you always wonder when it will happen to you. Will you be ready for it? Will you perform your emergency procedures (EPs) that you have practiced thousands of times on the ground? Will you panic or lock up? Will you be able to save your own life when you have to perform a cutaway and deploy your reserve from your malfunctioning main canopy?


Whuffo you jump out of that plane?

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Whuffo is shorthand that stands for ‘what for’. When you apply that word to an individual in the context of skydiving the definition of a whuffo becomes…

A person who is not a skydiver.

My definition of a whuffo is…

People who condemn, and don’t understand anyone who wants to enjoy a range of diverse experiences.

The term whuffo has been applied to non-jumpers because they are always asking, “What for would you want to jump out of that plane?” I am often told I am crazy because of my hobbies. I like to scuba dive (with sharks), and jump out of planes. Some people cannot fathom doing such activities especially leaping from a perfectly good airplane. However, I beg to differ on the perfectly good terminology to describe the planes skydivers leap from.


Managing Your Digital Footprint

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The internet has been an extension of my life since around the fifth grade when our family acquired our first computer. It ran windows 95 and had a dial up connection. I quickly latched on to it claiming it as mine although I was forced to share it. I grew up being connected to the internet; as did everyone else in my generation.

Everyone these days has at least one online account if you have a smartphone or use a computer regularly. Our personal data floats around in the dark crevices of the interweb, and it can haunt us later in life if you are not careful about what you put out there. Keep your reputation in top notch shape, and always protect your identity.