The True Character of Tallyfy’s CEO Amit Kothari

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A few months ago in October I was in between jobs and applying at a handful of different companies as a UX Designer. One of those companies was Tallyfy that I found through Dribbble’s job posting community. I didn’t expect anything from submitting my information. As it was located in Silicon Valley and you could not pay me enough to live there. I sent my information in hopes they might be open to remote work but I would never relocate there.

3 months later…

I get an email on December 22, 2016, almost three months later to the day I sent my resume in for the job posting. It was the CEO of Tallyfy, Amit Kothari, notifying me he finally reviewed my resume/application. Oh great… thanks for being so swift in reviewing your potential employees and applicants. I kid you not, this is the following conversation that conspired over the course of the day. Between me and the CEO, Amit Kothari, of Tallyfy that’s supposedly managing half a million dollars or more in funding.

Amit Kothari Selfie

TLDR: Tallyfy’s CEO, Amit Kothari, is an egotistical prick that’s using false pretenses to recruit employees and enjoys insulting and threatening candidates via email with defamation of character and harassment. Pro tip to any future angel investors out there looking at this company. Do you really want to invest in this guy and his company? Do you really want this moron managing your money/investments? Do your research. He has tried to launch multiple companies in the past and all have failed. There is one thing in common with his failed ventures. Himself; my educated guess is that his leadership is what brought them all down, but I am sure that is only scratching the surface.

October 3, 2016 — Initial email in response to job posting

I noticed your job posting requesting a UI/UX designer on dribbble and it peeked my interest.

I have six years of experience designing for a variety of industries ranging from healthcare, human resources, education, customer relationship management, marketing, SaaS, and retail. As well as in numerous environments from agile startups, agencies, large corporations, and new product development teams. If you would like to know more I’ve attached my resume with my work experience.

Design portfolio:

Personal portfolio:

Ryan O. Hicks

[resume attached]

December 22, 2016 — Reply from Amit Kothari about my application

Hi Ryan,

Sorry for this late response — we’ve been incredibly busy. At the moment, we are going through a lot of flux and have put a freeze on hiring efforts.

In addition, we are trying to complete our fundraising round in Silicon Valley — so we can’t afford to pay people much at present. Unless you want to work for free (which is unlikely) — our situation is difficult at present! If you happen to know any US angel investors you can introduce, that would help us both 🙂

If you would like to keep up-to-date with Tallyfy (which is rapidly evolving) and get to know us better, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter:

Happy holidays!

– CEO, Tallyfy

December 22, 2016 — My reply to Amit Kothari’s email above

So you wait nearly 3 months to reply to your job postings, leave the job posting up even though you’re not hiring, ask to send potential employees newsletter spam, and then solicit potential employees for funding after already securing half a million. Sounds pretty sketchy. You need to get a grip; seems clear your company won’t last long. Bye.

P.S. Already acquired a new position.

December 22, 2016 — Amit Kothari replies to above email

We’re deliberately using the note I sent you to flush out who has attitude issues and who doesn’t.
It’s a smart trick we invented that makes it very easy for us to judge the rock-bottom types that are just a massive drag for our company, which is exploding.

Thanks for digging your own hole. You just proved that it’s you that won’t last long 🙂


December 22, 2016 — My reply to Amit Kothari’s email above


I’ve seen, heard, and read about some stupid shit from CEOs and companies. But you by far take the cake this year as the most absurd and immature bullshit I’ve ever heard of. Another valid sign your company is headed for failure. Thanks for showing your true character. This will make for fun to post publicly. I get a kick out of companies and CEOs like you. Also, I’ll leave a nice glassdoor review for ya so other people are aware of your “sketchy tactics”.

Peace gurlfran

December 22, 2016 — Amit Kothari replies to above email

I think you can’t admit that it actually worked. Dumb ant gets flushed out of nest. Loses all wits and makes desperate and empty threats.

I’ll happily post everything you’ve sent us publicly including your private details and resume — and it will land page 1 on google — permanently.

We will also send “an email” to every company you’ve ever worked for on your resume.

So go ahead, deliver on your threats. I guarantee you will wet your bed straight after.

I only get a kick out of cool people. This is just predictable and boring. Over and out.

December 22, 2016 — My reply to Amit Kothari’s email above

Threats lol. Yes, my threats of making our email conversation public, how you recruit your employees on false pretenses, and overall sketchy as fuck work culture. So people can see how your company actually treats its employees.

My resume is already public gurlfran. It’s on my linked in, and accessible through my portfolio. Everything you describe is actually public information that’s readily accessible already. So go ahead!

Also go ahead and send my previous companies emails. That’ll do nothing as I have no relationship with them nor even live in the same state as any of them. And if you’re thinking of deploying an email that’s defamatory to either me or the companies you contact. I now have documented proof of not only who did it, but actual threats of you admitting it. You’d be hearing from my lawyer for defamation of character and harassment.

December 22, 2016 — Amit Kothari replies to above email

Now it’s getting fun. Are you actually this dumb in real life? Do you know how to write?

There you have it, folks. A CEO managing half a million in seed capital startup money, and sending out threatening and defaming emails while insulting candidates. And yes the job posting is still up as of December 23, 2016 —

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