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The Pursuit of Badassity

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In October of 2014 I was laid off due to no new business coming through the agency I was working at. They could no longer support my role financially as a User Experience Designer; it happens in agency life. There was a period of two months that I was unemployed while seeking my next role with another company.

In November 2014 I had applied for a position with a company here in Jacksonville, FL where I live called GSM Marketing. I had never received a reply from them about the status of my application or the position.

Until the other day on June 4, 2015.


Badassity Quote

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When I hear about someone who is doing something better than me, even if the details of their choices or genetic abilities differ slightly from my own strategy. I bow the fuck down, respect their innovation, and acknowledge that I have so far failed to achieve their level of badassity. Then I secretly try to learn from their success.
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