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The True Character of Tallyfy’s CEO Amit Kothari

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A few months ago in October I was in between jobs and applying at a handful of different companies as a UX Designer. One of those companies was Tallyfy that I found through Dribbble’s job posting community. I didn’t expect anything from submitting my information. As it was located in Silicon Valley and you could not pay me enough to live there. I sent my information in hopes they might be open to remote work but I would never relocate there.

3 months later…

I get an email on December 22, 2016, almost three months later to the day I sent my resume in for the job posting. It was the CEO of Tallyfy, Amit Kothari, notifying me he finally reviewed my resume/application. Oh great… thanks for being so swift in reviewing your potential employees and applicants. I kid you not, this is the following conversation that conspired over the course of the day. Between me and the CEO, Amit Kothari, of Tallyfy that’s supposedly managing half a million dollars or more in funding.