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Whuffo you jump out of that plane?

in Dropzone Diaries

Whuffo is shorthand that stands for ‘what for’. When you apply that word to an individual in the context of skydiving the definition of a whuffo becomes…

A person who is not a skydiver.

My definition of a whuffo is…

People who condemn, and don’t understand anyone who wants to enjoy a range of diverse experiences.

The term whuffo has been applied to non-jumpers because they are always asking, “What for would you want to jump out of that plane?” I am often told I am crazy because of my hobbies. I like to scuba dive (with sharks), and jump out of planes. Some people cannot fathom doing such activities especially leaping from a perfectly good airplane. However, I beg to differ on the perfectly good terminology to describe the planes skydivers leap from.